Algar Waterfalls | Benidorm Day Trips

Algar Waterfalls | Benidorm Day Trips

A day trip to Algar Waterfalls from Benidorm is ideal when particularly during the summertime the heat is in full swing.

Benidorm gets a little too hot for your most stubborn sun worshippers and is also great if you just crave a change of scenery.

It’s a place of unspoilt nature and also a breath of fresh air along with a dip in cold water, a day visit into the Algar Waterfalls is one of the little parts of paradise in the Costa Blanca.

The river Algar drains to the Mediterranean in Altea. On its way there, it flows by the town of Callosa d´en Sarria.

It's situated some 15km from Benidorm and roughly precisely the exact same distance from Altea.

It creates a collection of roaring waterfalls, cascading down the rocks into organic pools.

Callosa is a center for agriculture and rising loquat or nispera, the yummy yellow/orange fruit.

Algar Waterfalls

Aside from the Algar Waterfalls, the nature here is really a showcase for the lush Mediterranean flora that explains the reason why it also includes a arboretum, open for people.

Callosa itself is a medieval city with elements of this older Fortalesa Bernia still observable and a fascination: El Poador de la Font Mayor, a washing area constructed in 1786 which provided space for more than 70 people.

What to Do at the Waterfalls

A slice of advice : take a swimsuit and towel (for the dip) and wear decent walking shoes since it becomes slippery in places.

There's ample parking in the base of the waterfalls (all well signposted), and then head up to the entry, free trips to the Algar Waterfalls are provided via RoundTown Travel.

When you head across the footpath into a wooden structure that includes a souvenir store, a little restaurant/cafeteria and bathrooms.

Then you can venture down wooden steps and follow the suggested route across the length of the lake, resulting from 1 cascade into another.

It is all a rock and timber boardwalk using solid wooden banisters to cling to if it becomes slippery.

When you head back into the exit and wooden staircase to where you arrived, you discover the arbolarium, a picnic area and eventually return where you've parked your vehicle or pick up point.

Overall it’s a great day out, fun for all the family and there is so much to see and do here.

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