Benidorm Circus | Cheapest Tickets

Benidorm Circus | Cheapest Tickets

Benidorm Circus is fun, not just for the kids, but adults as well.

Situated behind the Benidorm Palace, the Circus is a mix of comedy, magic and heart stopping acts.

One of the best things about the circus in Benidorm is that it is does not use animals.

It’s just clowns, stunt artists and the ringmaster.

Getting to the Circus in Benidorm is easy enough.

For those that are in the Benidorm Old Town or New Town, head to the Benidorm Indoor Market and make your way up the Rincon.

It’s around a 30 minute walk, €1.50 on the bus and just a few Euros in a taxi if you don’t fancy the walk.

Upon entry to the Circus, you simply hand in your ticket if you have already purchased one (Cheapest Benidorm Circus Available Here) then sit anywhere you want.

Benidorm Circus

If you are here in the high season, it does get warm but sitting near a doorway you do get a breeze.

With the first half of the show mainly for the kids it's a good time to get use to the language of the show.

Clowns and crowd interaction, sit near the front and you may be part of show!

During the break you can get refreshments, which to be fair, drinks and popcorn are cheap as chips here which was a surprise.

Whilst grabbing some air, children’s characters are on the circus floor so the kids can have photos took with them, Spongebob Squarepants seems to be very popular here.

The second half of the show is a little more fast paced.

Death defying stunts where you can actually hear the audience gasp get things going!

Prices for the Circus are pretty inexpensive. It’s actually good value for the time you are here and the shows are very good.

To purchase discount tickets, which are cheaper than the official website, and vendors in Benidorm, you can buy them before you travel here: Discount Benidorm Circus Tickets

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