Benidorm Fancy Dress Party 2019 | Dates & Times

Benidorm Fancy Dress Party 2019 | Dates & Times

If you are lucky enough to be in the resort in November then get ready for the annual Benidorm fancy dress party.

A yearly event that thousands of Benidorm lovers flock to the resort and take part in the biggest fancy dress party in Europe.

Without doubt one of the busiest times on the calendar is the Benidorm Fancy Dress Party.

November is a great time of year to visit - Check the November Weather in Benidorm - with all the various fiestas on, both in the New Town and Old Town and the highlight for most is the big party to end the fiestas.

The streets are jam packed with revellers not just from the UK but around Europe as the Benidorm Fancy Dress Party grows year after year.

For those who have not experienced this great event it should be on your bucket list.

Throughout the week the preparations start with the banners being put up on and around the strip.

Bars setting up outside bars and of course the famous giant Paella which is cooked fresh on the street for all to sample.

Benidorm Fancy Dress Party

The party starts early and you will see everything from giant Blue smurfs to superheros wandering around and as the day goes on the streets fill out with fun, music and of course a few drinks.

If you are out early in day be sure to grab a bite to eat and grab a water every now and then as this party goes well into the the early hours.

Benidorm does get busy in the high season but at the Benidorm fancy dress party it goes to another level, bars are packed out and spilling onto the streets.

As the darkness of the evening kicks in thousands are out and it truly is a great atmosphere.

You will see drummers playing on the square, fireworks lighting up the sky and you dance where you can find a space.

Make sure you bring your camera as this is a party you will want to remember!!!

When is the Benidorm Fancy Dress Festival?

The Benidorm fancy dress party is held this year, 2019 on November the 14th , Thursday.

From the 8th to the 13th of November our Spanish friends hold their fiestas and the day after they finish we start ours.

Location of the Benidorm Fancy Dress Fiesta

In and around the New Town you will be able to take part in the fancy dress party.

The Benidorm strip, square and side streets transform themselves for this big event.

What to expect at the Benidorm Fancy Dress Festival

Fun, laughter and outrageous costumes. Outside Morgans Tavern you will be able to try the giant Paella, cooked on a supersized pan in the street.

Pop up bars appear up and down the strip as it gets so busy it’s the only way to get a drink.

Make sure to get some water down you as it does get hot in the crowds.

What Time Does the Benidorm Fancy Dress Fiesta Start?

From early noon you will start to see people wandering around in fancy dress.

Although there is no official set time from 2pm you really do start to see the place fill up.

If you do decide to have an early start the fancy dress party does go on to the early hours the next day.

Getting food and water is a must as it’s a long time to be drinking.

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