Benidorm Food Poisoning Scam

Benidorm Food Poisoning Scam

If you have genuinely suffered from food poisoning whilst on holiday to Benidorm or anywhere in the world for that fact you have the right to claim for any suffering, loss or holiday cut short and are right in doing so.

Now for those who have already been a complete idiot or those thinking of a false claim read on, YOU ARE GOING TO GET CAUGHT!

First off i'm not holding back here because those ripping of the hotels are not only destroying reputations, ruining businesses, getting innocent people sacked but making the honest hard working person pay through the nose for their holiday.

If you have already made a bogus claim then I hope your sweating.

Are you that stupid that you think would not get caught?

As we have already seen these muppets being arrested around the UK your time is coming.

Now I know what you are thinking if you are planning on a false claim 'they won't catch me'.

After speaking with hotel chains here in Benidorm they are very positive on this being stamped out, and here's why.

Benidorm Food Poisoning Scam

In the first 3 months alone over 350 food poisoning claims where made.

Really strange that it was only holidaymakers from the UK.

The Germans, Russians, Spanish, Swedish and Dutch did not get ill at the same hotels so the red flag is out.

Next out of the 350 claims all narrowed down to same hotels the claims all come from the same compensation company.

Another red flag, then follows the claimant faced with confrontation by the police.

Knowing that they are possibly going to lose their job, shamed in public and plastered over Facebook, this is where they finally cough up and admits to the scam.

What happens now is that every claim is now being looked at and as the saying goes, shit rolls down hill.

For those who have already been approached by the touts outside hotels or are planning on ripping not just the hotel off, but everyone who holidays and works in Benidorm take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself is it worth it?

The ones who have already done it are starting to get the knock on the door and get everything they deserve.

How would you feel if your boss called you in the office, sat you down and told you you are out of job, for fraud?

The 3 things that annoy me of the most about this whole scam is firstly the people who are genuinely ill and will now be looked at in a different light.

Treatment might be stalled, holidays ruined and real financial loss.

Second is that the hotels run on a budget and have huge overheads which have now shot up and the only way to trim that down is to lay hard working, respectable staff off.

Thirdly those who are planning their holidays are now paying a lot more, we all know the prices have suddenly shot up and the hotel companies have no choice.

I don't rant often but this subject is not only hurting Benidorm or other tourist hot spots but it is hurting you directly in the pocket.

Times are hard for most of us and what we don't need is idiots cashing in at £3000 - £5000 a time making it any harder for us.

Thanks for sharing!

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