Benidorm Old Town | Holidaymakers Guide

Benidorm Old Town | Holidaymakers Guide

For that authentic Spanish feel you have to take a trip to Benidorm Old Town.

When we think of Benidorm we think of cheap flights and British bars, there is more to Benidorm than that.

This stunning part of Benidorm has everything you could want when visiting Spain.

Maze like alley way streets, street side cafes and traditional tapas bars fill the air with an aroma that you have to go and try one.

Benidorm Old Town is home to some stunning places, a must for any Benidorm Holiday.

Food in Benidorm Old Town

Tapas Alley is a stretch of alleyway, like a vein running through the Old Town, a must for the cuisine hunter.

Here you can sample the delights of Spanish food, try the local Cava and for less than two Euros.

Around the port area you have a great selection of restaurants, seafood is fresh and cooked to perfection.

An ideal place to dine, alfresco style and watch the world go by.

There are many places that do quick bites to eat in the Old Town. From pizza for a Euro a slice to fresh cooked waffles.

The smell just makes you hungry when you are having a wander around the Old Town.

Although it is hard to break us away from our own tastes of food, Benidorm Old Town has some fantastic restaurants that serve British food.

Amigos is very popular, Nosh for fine dining and the renowned Vagabond for a more European menu.

Benidorm Old Town

Bars in Benidorm Old Town

One thing that the Old Town has is plenty of bars.

Original bars like the Pig n Whistle and Oliver's have been serving Benidorm holiday makers for many years.

Vincent's Corner Bar is a good choice for a local and up and down walking street you have the traditional Spanish bars.

The Old Town is also a hub for the LGBT community.

They are host to some amazing events throughout the year and for cabaret and nightlife this is a must visit.

Regardless of your preference the gay area of the Old Town is a fantastic night for everyone.

Attractions in Benidorm Old Town

Bring a camera! The Old Town has some stunning places and is worlds apart from the New Town.

Amazing views over Benidorm can be seen from the Placa del Castell, a walk through the Parque de Aiguera (Julio Iglesias Park) and the family friendly Dove Park.

San Jaime Church is a mesmerizing place. A structure so crisp and an interior so breathtaking it’s a marvel in itself.

The port area of the Old Town also gives you fantastic views over Poniente Beach and a nice place for a bit of down time.

Beaches in Benidorm Old Town

Poniente Beach is the main beach in the Old Town. A massive stretch of fine sand and crisp Blue Mediterranean sea is as idyllic as you could dream of.

From the Old Town, Poniente Beach goes in to La Cala, a more quieter area but well worth a visit if you get the chance.

Hidden away between the port and the Placa del Castell you have Mal Pas Beach.

This cove beach is a tranquil setting and perfect for families wanting to escape the busy main beaches.

Hotels in Benidorm Old Town

Hotels in the Old Town do cater for the Spanish than the ones in the New Town. If you are thinking of booking here take that into account.

Food, entertainment and language barrier will all be catered towards Spanish guests.

Some hotels to consider in the Old Town are are the budget Celymar, the Brasil Hotel for couples and the Visa Oro for families.

If you want a pool, check before booking as the Old Town is very dense and not all have them.

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