Benidorm Sickness Couple Fined

Benidorm Sickness Couple Fined

Benidorm Sickness Couple Fined: A British couple who decided to claim for the 'Benidorm sickness bug' have been slapped with a huge fine, and ordered to TUI €17,200.

After being approached whilst in Benidorm, for a free holiday, all you have to do is put a claim in.

The same claim which has seen huge increases in prices for those visiting Benidorm, and even a hotel having to close, then reopen after the false claims where discovered.

Jamie Melling and his girlfriend Chelsea Devine who where staying at the Levante Beach Apartments, thought it would be great to scam the hotel.

After getting home, their doctor, who is married to one of the partners of the solicitors who processed the claim, and now both to set to be struck off ruining their careers, stood up in court to give evidence.

After posting selfies in great health, telling family that the holiday is fantastic, the judge slammed them hard, with huge fines and compensation for the travel agents.

Benidorm Sickness Couple Fined

Again, people think they will get away with this scam, but yet again, you need to have EVERYONE in your hotel to make the claim or straight of the bat it looks dodgy.

As we seen earlier in the year a couple who could not afford to pay the fine had their house repossessed.

We welcome these big fines and naming and shaming of people who are happy to push the cost of our holidays through the roof, cost jobs and destroy businesses. 

If you have a genuine claim, yes you are well within your right to do so, but if you make a false claim, be prepared for the knock on the door.

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