The Best Bars for a Benidorm Stag Do

The Best Bars for a Benidorm Stag Do

When looking for the best bars for a Benidorm stag do you have the pick of the bunch.

It’s no secret that Benidorm is one of the most popular stag do destinations and for good reason.

Cheap flights, awesome weather and an abundance of bars and clubs open till the early hours with cheap drinks.

During the day time the Levante Beach front is a good place to start.

The popular and busy Tiki Beach is one of Benidorm’s most well known beach bars.

Now under a new name, Tiki Beach is what many of us still call the bar to this day after the legal issues.

Tiki Beach is always packed and attracts large groups looking for a bar on the beachfront.

Along the Benidorm Strip you have some of the best bars for a Benidorm stag do.

If you want to start the day off watching live sports then the Red Lion is a good option.

A good sized terraced area with a huge wide screen TV showing all the live sports attracts many stag parties in Benidorm.

Benidorm Stag Do

As the evening kicks in, you want to be in the large fun pubs, especially if there is a large group.

The Stardust is open from early daytime and throughout the night has live acts which are more suited for a Benidorm stag do.

Broadways just at the bottom of the Benidorm Square is another good sized fun pub.

Live music, tribute acts and drink deals make this a good choice for Benidorm Stag do’s. 

As the night kicks in head on over to the main Square.

Here you have all the clubs open till the early hours. Cafe Benidorm, Champions, Bahamas and Beachcomber are all good size clubs and open till the early hours.

When visiting Benidorm for a stag party just keep in mind the weather is a lot hotter than back home, drinks are cheaper and it’s easy to get in to a state.

Avoid trouble, make sure everyone on the stag do is looked after and don’t get involved with aggravating the doormen as they have a well known zero tolerance approach with troublemakers.

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