Benidorm Sunday Dinner

Benidorm Sunday Dinner

Benidorm Sunday Dinner: We are creatures of comfort and when it come to looking for the best Sunday lunch in Benidorm we have plenty of options.

Not many holiday resorts can rival Benidorm when it come to food and our Sunday dinner, no matter how hot it is, is a must for most of us.

Although we all have our own tastes, and normally our favourite places to eat, trying somewhere new is all part of the fun whilst in Benidorm.

There are many places to eat on the Benidorm Strip and plenty of choice.

Just of the main Benidorm Strip you also have tons of side street bars that do a Sunday lunch in Benidorm.

Prices for a Sunday dinner in Benidorm are normally around 6 Euros which is pretty good, and you always get a good sized meal.

Benidorm Sunday Dinner

Some notable places on the strip for Sunday dinners are the Yorkshire Pride.

I’m sure most of us have eaten here at some point or another and there Sunday dinner portion sizes are legendary.

The Queen Vic also on the strip is another popular choice. Not as big inside as most bars in Benidorm so early arrival is recommended.

The Rovers Return is another favourite for those looking for a good Sunday dinner in Benidorm. 

A nice open front to the Rovers makes is nice and airy when devouring a Sunday dinner in Benidorm.

Just of the strip past the Marina Hotel and you find yourself at the Wooky Hollow 2. 

The Wooky Hollow 2 serves child, adult and also OAP specials with discounts.

To the side of the Wooky Hollow 2 there is also a child’s play are so whilst you let your meal sink in the kids can have a run around.

There are so many to choose from when in Benidorm for a Sunday dinner and when you find your new local it’s always hard to go somewhere else.

All we say is give them all a try and as you never know when you come across a gem.

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