The Best Benidorm Suntrap Bars

The Best Benidorm Suntrap Bars

No trip is complete without an afternoon sat at one of the many suntrap bars in Benidorm.

There are plenty to choose from, which one is your favourite?

Here we take a look at some of the best suntrap bars in Benidorm.

Andy’s Bar - Quite easily top of the list for having one of the best suntraps in Benidorm.

Right on the crossroads on Calle Gerona, Andy’s Bar is is a favourite for most of us when it comes to topping up the tan.

Copacabanas - Located on Levante Beach front, Copacabanas has an excellent suntrap.

Directly on the seafront you know it’s going to get hot.

The White Star Pub - One of our favourite suntrap bars in Benidorm.

The White Star Pub is right on the main strip, perfect for people watching and catching a few rays.

Benidorm Suntrap Bars

The Secret Fountain - Not only one of the best suntrap bars in Benidorm but the Secret Fountain even has sun loungers.

You could easily spend an afternoon here drinking cocktails and worshiping the sun.

Jumping Jacks - A fantastic bar in Benidorm with a massive sized terrace that just attracts the sun.

Water sprinklers are fitted just to take the edge of the heat.

The Wooky Hollow 2 - Not just food and drink but also a good sun terrace.

The best spot for a suntrap at the Wooky Hollow 2 is just to the side of the bar.

Piccadilly's Bar- Over by the Indoor Market you have the recently refurbished Piccadilly's Bar.

Now with a more open front to the bar it has become a hot spot for those seeking sun and fun.

Bar Mallorca - Great food and an impressive suntrap.

As you walk to the top of the Square, Bar Mallorca sits proudly here attracting the sun like it’s going out of fashion.

The Silver Dollar - Just past the Sol Pelicanos Hotel you cannot miss the suntrap at The Silver Dollar.

Uncle Ped’s - A favourite for many of us. Uncle Ped’s suntrap is pretty big and not only a great pint but fantastic terrace.

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