Benidorm Weather in February

Benidorm Weather in February

Benidorm Weather in February: The weather begins to look up in the month of February and is still a popular time to visit the resort.

The average temperature in Benidorm, Spain during the month of February is 12°C.

The daytime high is around 17°C created by highs of up to 17°C during the hottest part of the day and lows of 6°C after the sun sets in the evening.

Ten days of rains in February yield 39 mm of rainfall so is always worth packing a light jacket.

Benidorm does still get a lot of people visiting this year, once the Xmas and New Year hangover has worn of, we all need a holiday!

Benidorm Weather in February

Overall, you can expect the weather to be warmer than what you would experience back home at this time of the year.

February also gives you an opportunity to spend Valentine’s Day with your beloved in a beautiful town.

Many of the bars closed in January start to reopen and performers are finishing of their annual holidays.

More of the bigger bars start to reopen and weekends start getting busy in Benidorm.

Although still not beach weather you can still get some very warm days and catch a tan on a good day.

It's the ideal time to find a secluded suntrap bar and think about the colder back home!

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