Benidorm Weather in January

Benidorm Weather in January

Benidorm Weather in January: January is a great month to be in Benidorm because even though the weather is not as warm as it is in May, it is definitely not as cold as what you would experience in back home.

The temperatures touch a daytime high of around 16°C and at night expect temps around 6°C.

January is the coldest month in Benidorm; however, its coastal location and the presence of hills that block colder weather from descending on the town, lead to a much milder winter as compared to other places in Western Europe.

Benidorm is just a two-hour flight from UK airports, and is therefore a favored winter getaway.

As well as being within easy reach, you can get some great holiday deals this time of year if you don't mind the weather.

Is Benidorm Busy in January?

Although no where near as busy as the summer months, Benidorm is still quite vibrant in January.

Benidorm Weather in January

With cheaper flights and hotels not as pricey as the high season you do still get those looking for the winter sun here.

The busiest time in January is normally over the weekends and you will still find plenty of bars open.

Cabaret, karaoke and bingo are still on in the bars through January.

You will find some of the more bigger bars closed for their annual holidays and performers take this time of year for their holidays.

But that said there is more than enough going on to still enjoy Benidorm!

The Old Town is still vibrant with Spanish holidaymakers enjoying the the fiestas and the back end of the Christmas holidays and is well worth a visit this time of year.

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