Benidorm Weather in June

Benidorm Weather in June

Benidorm Weather in June: The weather in Benidorm in June is fantastic. Clear Blue skies and evenings are starting to get hot.

Temperatures in Benidorm throughout June see highs of around 28c but do get days easily hitting the 30’s.

Rain in Benidorm in June is sparse. Averaging around 2 days of rain for the month it’s unlikely you will need the umbrella.

Lows we see temperatures of around 18c which is still pretty good if we get a bad day.

At the start of June in Benidorm it may be worth while packing a pair of jeans or a jumper as we leave May.

Throughout the month and especially towards the end of June it’s as little as possible you will need.

What is Benidorm Like in June?

Everything is full steam in Benidorm throughout June.

The beaches are busy, poolside is bliss, bars and clubs are all busy. Weekends are very busy with the weekdays in full swing.

Benidorm Weather in June

All your favourite bars, Benidorm sun traps, cabaret acts and attractions are all open and ready for you to enjoy.

Benidorm Circus, water park, theme park and zoo are all open now and ready to be explored whilst visiting Benidorm in June.

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