Benidorm Weather in March

Benidorm Weather in March

March is a great time to visit Benidorm and we take a look at Benidorm weather in March and what to expect.

With still being early in the season it’s also a good time to get a few Benidorm holiday deals.

If you catch the sun in Benidorm in March then that’s even better.

What Temperatures Should I Expect?

Sunny days and pleasant nights, that is Benidorm in March for you.

Seven hours of sunshine a day give you a great opportunity to enjoy outdoors.

The waters of the Mediterranean may allow for a quick dip but will likely be too cold for a prolonged one.

The daytime maximum temperature is around 19°C, while the minimum at night may touch 7°C.

Pleasant and even warm afternoons during March make this month a great one for checking out all that Benidorm has to offer.

Benidorm Weather in March

You won’t experience more than six days of rainfall, and this too won’t exceed 15mm cumulatively.

The early part of March will be the coldest and gradually warm up throughout the month.

On average you should expect around 4-7 days of rain throughout March in Benidorm.

Although it is really hit and miss it’s generally on and off showers with the odd downpour when it does rain.

What Clothes Should I bring?

When the sun’s out and you find a sun trap, you can feel the sun.

Walking around as the body heats up you will also feel pretty warm. In the evenings though you can feel the temperatures drop.

A jumper or cardigan for the evenings and warm bottoms like jeans will normally be fine.

Shorts or loose clothing in day are enough and if it does get chilly you can always pop on your evening wear.

A coat is recommended for any periods of rain.

An umbrella would not go a miss in case you are caught out in a downpour which can picked up for a few Euro in most shops.

What’s Benidorm Like in March?

Benidorm in March starts to pick up, cheap deals to the resort this time of year are a big factor.

Although just a touch too cold for the sea, if your pool is in the sun you will soon get use to the temperatures.

Bars are up and running and there is plenty of entertainment on in the cabaret clubs.

Although not jam packed like in the high season it still has a great atmosphere in the bars.

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