Benidorm Weather in November

Benidorm Weather in November

The Benidorm weather in November can be quite mixed.

A popular time to visit with the amount of fiestas throughout the month it is not uncommon to have good sunny days followed by cold wet days.

What Temperatures Should I Expect?

Temperatures in Benidorm throughout November see highs of around 20c. On a good day you can find yourself in a suntrap catching the sun.

Low temperatures throughout November are around 10c with the evenings feeling a colder than what they are.

We do get spurts of rain in November and following from October the early part of the month can get quite wet with around 5 days of rainfall.

What Clothes Should I Bring?

It will be too cold for a dip in the sea but November does have it’s good days.

Jeans, jackets and generally warm clothing for the evenings with a few pairs of shorts for the good days.

Benidorm Weather in November
What’s Benidorm Like in November?

November is a game of two half's when it comes for things to do in Benidorm.

The start of the month is still attracting those looking for a quick getaway with most bars still open.

As we get into the week with the Benidorm fancy dress party the place is heaving.

Everywhere is open and the streets are packed out. Fiesta week is a great time to visit Benidorm and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere.

As the fiestas finish though the place empties. This is when the bars start to close till the Xmas period, staff take their annual holidays and bars have any works carried out.

Although after the fiestas have finished and is very quiet there are still bars open. Not as busy but is still a good time to visit and you normally get some great deals.

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