Benidorm Weather in October

Benidorm Weather in October

We see a big change with the Benidorm weather in October. It’s that time of year where the evenings have gone chilly, the rain is upon us and you notice the drop in temperatures.

October is still a good time to visit Benidorm away from the heat and there is still plenty to see and do in the resort.

What Temperatures Should I Expect?

Temperatures in October are still quite high compared to back home and we do still get nice days.

Highs we see around 25c and on a clear day you can still enjoy the sun. Lows in October are around 14c and you do feel this in the evening.

October is the wettest month in Benidorm and when it rains, it pours. Part of Benidorm will flood and can be quite dangerous.

On average we get around 5 days worth of rain in the month but this does vary year by year.

Benidorm Weather in October

What Clothes Should I Bring?

We would recommend that you still bring summer clothes as the sunny days are still pleasant.

Warmer clothing for the evening will be needed and a jacket for any rainy days you may encounter whilst in Benidorm throughout October.

What’s Benidorm Like in October?

October in Benidorm does quiet down compared to the high season. Mainly with less sun and most holidaymakers already taken their summer holidays.

October is a good month for a cheap weekend break with lots of good deals available.

Most places are still open but is a lot quieter. With the big Benidorm fancy dress fiesta in November this is when most people will be planning their next visit to Benidorm.

Bar and cabaret acts will take this time to have some time off and carry out any maintenance on their bars.

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