Benidorm Weather in September

Benidorm Weather in September

A welcome to many as we enjoy the cooler Benidorm weather in September.

Although still very warm and the start of the month we still get very high temps.

As we approach the back end of the month the cooler temps are a nice change from the heat in August.

What Temperatures Should I Expect?

Temperatures in September are highs of around 29c but during the first half of the month we see them going higher than this.

Lows are on average 18c and the evenings are a lot cooler which makes it more pleasant away from the sticky nights.

As we get in the back end of the month and approach October we do generally start to see a touch of rain.

Benidorm Weather in September

October is normally the wettest month so is only natural to catch a bit of rain. The day after we get rainfall it usually very warm and humid.

What Clothes Should I Bring?

September is still very sunny so shorts and t-shirts are a must. The beaches are still busy and packed out so don’t forget your swimwear.

If you are arriving at the end of September then maybe a light jacket as the temps do start to drop in the evening and we see a touch of rain.

What’s Benidorm Like in September?

September in Benidorm is still very busy. We do see a lot of Spanish visiting for their annual holiday and there are also plenty of fiestas in the Benidorm Old Town going on.

The beaches are very busy and September appeals to many more as the temps are not to high.

The Benidorm New Town is still bustling as ever. Cabaret shows, karaoke bars and all our favourite places to eat on the Benidorm Strip are still open and busy.

A popular time for those with young children to visit due to heat not being as stifling as it is in August.

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