Best Places to Eat in Benidorm

Best Places to Eat in Benidorm

There is an abundance of places to eat in Benidorm, from the tapas bars in the Old Town, the British menus on the strip.

Fast food outlets, Chinese, Indian, Italian, local and much more can be found in Benidorm.

Some of us go all inclusive but after a few days feel the need for a change.

Those in self catering like to pick and choose their own times and the convenience for those with young families to eat at set times around the high temperatures is one of the factors that Benidorm draws in holidaymakers from all age groups.

There are three main parts to Benidorm, the Rincon, New Town and the Old Town.

Each area has it's own 'niche' as they say and it's good to try and sample a bit of everything.

In the New Town you have all your British bars that serve the food we get back home.

Up the Rincon way, some more British bars but mainly restaurants.

Chinese, Mandarin, Indian and much more are located here, ideal for family meals and special occasions.

Benidorm Old Town is 100% authentic Spanish, tapas, fish and local cuisine are dotted around the alley way streets.

Benidorm Old Town - Amigos

Amigos restaurant and roof terrace is without a top place to eat in Benidorm.

It is always up there in the top review sites as the best place to eat in Benidorm and deserves that credit.

Located on Calle de la Palma in the Old Town you will not be disappointed.

Best Places to Eat in Benidorm

Serving traditional dishes as well as specials with a quality wine list and a great cocktail menu to work through.

Presentation and atmosphere add to making this one of the best places to eat in Benidorm.

Benidorm New Town - Yorkshire Pride

I think it’s fair to say most of us at some point have eaten at one of the many Yorkshire Pride venues.

Offering a very British menu from breakfast, fish and chips and the famous mixed grill you won’t go wrong with the Yorkshire Pride.

Dotted around Benidorm you will never be far from one of these restaurants and is one of the best places to eat in Benidorm.

Chinese - The Rincon

To be fair those who eat Chinese will always have their regular spot and with so many located in the Rincon it’s hard to single out which is the best place to eat in Benidorm.

Our advice would be have a wander there and see which ones are the busiest and that usually sets the tone.

There are many great Chinese restaurants to try in Benidorm and we are sure when you find ‘the one’ it will become your first port of call on any returning trip to Benidorm.

Indian - India Gate

Located on Calle Gerona as you head away from the New Town into the Old Town you will come across the India Gate.

With a menu to rival any Indian in Benidorm, the friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere the India Gate makes the list for one of the best places to eat in Benidorm.

For those looking for a takeaway look no further and the India Gate is also vegetarian friendly and are happy to cater for your needs.

Family Friendly - Wooky Hollow 2

The Wooky Hollow 2 goes above and beyond catering for everyone’s needs.

With a great menu and daily deals on the specials there is something to fill everyone’s appetite.

With a menu for OAP’s and at a discounted price it shows that they look after everyone’s needs.

For the children also having there own menu and with a play area at the side to keep them occupied.

It’s a great place to have a meal and make a regular pit stop for refreshments when that heat kicks in.

One of the best things about Benidorm is that every year new restaurants and bars pop up all over the place.

We all have a favourite but its always good to try something new and because of so many new places this is why we love Benidorm!

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