Best Pubs in Benidorm | Do you Have a Local?

Best Pubs in Benidorm | Do you Have a Local?

The best pubs in Benidorm, there are many of them but which one is your favourite?

Maybe your a Benidorm newbie and looking for ideas, one thing is for sure, it won’t take you long to find a good pub in Benidorm!

With some many pubs in Benidorm it would take us forever to list them all so we have cherry picked a few of the favourites but let us know which ones you love the most!

Popular Pubs and Bars in Benidorm

Andy’s Bar: One of the oldest bars in Benidorm and a firm favourite. Excellent staff, one of the best sun trap bars and right on the strip.

The Triangle Pub: The Triangle has that ‘local’ feel to it and the staff are some of the friendliest you will ever meet.

Plenty of drink deals and live entertainment which makes this a popular choice.

Jimmy’s Red Lion: One of the resorts hidden gems and without doubt one of the best pubs in Benidorm.

Located just of the far end of Calle Gerona, home cooked meals and family run, Jimmy’s Red Lion is well worth visiting.

Best Pubs in Benidorm

Wooky Hollow 2: The pub that has it all. Great selection of drinks, awesome menu, karaoke, childs play area and outdoor seating.

The Wooky Hollow 2 is well established with many returning guests year after year.

Planet Benidorm: Formally the old Piccadillys, Planet Benidorm is a breath of fresh to the resort.

Plenty of seating, plenty of drink deals and staff that go out of their way to make sure your having a great time.

Yorkshire Pride: The list would not be complete without the famous Yorkshire Pride pubs included.

Wherever you go in Benidorm you are not far from one of Benidorm’s most loved pubs.

The Black Chicken: Well what can you say? You cannot come to Benidorm and not give the famous Black Chicken a try.

Love it or hate, no matter what you will remember the time you had an afternoon in the Black Chicken.

It would be great to know what your favourite pub is, or do you have a local you call in each time you visit Benidorm?

Let us know down in the comments section and we can add it to the list!

Thanks for sharing!

2 thoughts on “Best Pubs in Benidorm | Do you Have a Local?

  • August 12, 2019 at 18:03

    Barcode Benidorm, Trevor and Eddie are the Landlords and 2 nicer people you couldn’t meet.

  • August 12, 2019 at 19:37

    It has to be “uncle peds “best pub in all Benidorm


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