The Black Chicken Benidorm

The Black Chicken Benidorm

I do love a good afternoon in the Black Chicken Benidorm, I know it is hit and miss with people but there is a reason that the Black Chicken has been around forever.

Year after year the bar keeps pulling in holidaymakers season after season and it's called fun.

Every bar offer something but you know when you have an afternoon here you will be talking about it months later.

I think the Black Chicken does so well because they keep it simple, come in, get drunk, let your hair down and laugh.

For those that have not had the pleasure of stumbling out of the Black Chicken Benidorm the easiest way to find it is head to John & Josephs on the strip.

From there walk down the alley at the side and you can't miss it just by the Benidorm Palladium.

Not only does the Black Chicken have great drink offers, bottle buckets, shots and pint's but a good sized terrace to catch the sun in the afternoon.

The Black Chicken Benidorm

The Black Chicken Benidorm does get busy at times and the karaoke awaits for you to blast out a drunken rendition of your favourite song.

Don't worry if you are a bad singer like me, just get up and enjoy yourself!

If you are looking for a good afternoon, having a singalong, making new friends then the Black Chicken ticks all the boxes.

Remember to drink responsibly and make sure you know your way back to the hotel.

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