Dove Park Benidorm Old Town (Parque de Elche)

Dove Park Benidorm Old Town (Parque de Elche)

Located Just by the Poniente Beach is the Parque de Elche, also known as Dove Park Benidorm.

Dove Park gets it’s name plainly because of all the doves flocking around the central feature and really is a sight to witness.

The park is a popular tourist hot spot in Benidorm and is always a hub of activity.

You can spend the afternoon here feeding and taking pictures of the vast amount of white doves which have no problem perching themselves on you.

With plenty of seating to enjoy the views over Poniente Beach or do a spot of people watching it’s a great place to come and relax.

Parque de Elche Benidorm is always a busy place which see’s a lot of holidaymakers coming and going.

You will often find live music being played here which the Spanish elders are partial to get up and dance on the promenade.

Dove Park Benidorm Old Town

It is also a meeting point for the many of the fiestas which are held in and around the Benidorm Old Town.

And also  if you have accommodation in the old town, a great meeting point when everyone wants to go on there own little adventures.

Throughout the year you will find pop up markets stretching along Dove Park.

Offering everything from local trinkets to arts and craft and make a nice place to come for a stroll and getting some authentic Spanish made gifts for those back home.

With a children’s play area here and toilets you can easily find a bit of shade and make an afternoon out of it and bring down a picnic.

There are many places to eat around Dove Park Benidorm, for those who want a place to dine and plenty of shops for refreshments.

You have some amazing attractions to visit in Benidorm and the old town offers a host of places.

Those looking for a more quieter Benidorm holiday or those with young children, Dove Park is a fab place to spend some time away from all the hustle and bustle in the new town.

Whilst at Dove Park you are also in walking distance to the Benidorm Harbour and Poniente Beach.

This fills up a day if you are looking for things to do away from the New Town.

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