Hogueras de San Juan Fiesta Benidorm 2020 Dates

Hogueras de San Juan Fiesta Benidorm 2020 Dates

Hogueras de San Juan Fiesta Benidorm is one of the more traditional Benidorm fiestas you will see.

The best thing about the fiesta in Benidorm is that it is held over 3 days and in 3 parts of Benidorm so you don’t have to go far.

Not just popular in Benidorm, the biggest one is held in Alicante with more Hogueras de San Juan fiestas held around the world.

Portugal, Brazil and many cities across Spain all hold their own fiesta and bonfires celebrating this event.

With parades, firecrackers, decorations and live bands all part of the fiesta till the final night where the bonfires are set alight.

Hogueras de San Juan Fiesta Benidorm

You can catch many of the traditions in and around the Old Town part of Benidorm and then the fires held in three districts.

If you want to experience the fiesta in the full effect it is worth a trip to Alicante which this is their main fiesta of the year.

The 3 areas you can catch the bonfires are in La Cala, the el mercado and over at el campo.

Hogueras de San Juan Benidorm Dates

The fiesta will take place between June 22nd and June 24th 2020 and if you are in Benidorm at this time you will see the smoke from the bonfires.

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