The Intempo Benidorm | What is it?

The Intempo Benidorm | What is it?

The Intempo Benidorm is that great big Golden structure that has been speculation of many rumours over the years.

The plan of the Intempo building was formally introduced on 19th January 2006 and work started in back in 2007.

Initially scheduled for completion in 2009, work was considerably hampered by the financial meltdown of 2008 which severely affected the property industry in Spain.

It's the tallest building in Benidorm exceeding the Gran Hotel Bali, and if it ever gets finished, will be the tallest residential building in Spain.

The construction is made up of 2 parallel blocks separated by a gap of around 20 metres and joined with a cone-shaped arrangement between flooring 38 and 44.

It's among those very few sky-scrapers in the world that has the form of the arch.

Intempo Benidorm

The facade of this construction is going to be glass, a first for a residential construction in Benidorm, if it ever gets finished.

While rumours that the Intempo Benidorm didn't have elevators are untrue.

One of the many rumours about the Intempo building which many believe is true to this day.

One accident that can be checked by public records is actually about one of the elevators failing and the contractors need medical help.

This is where the planning of the Intempo went very wrong.

There was no way for the ambulances to get to the building and had to park a long way away resulting in delayed rescue and first aid.

Although work seems to have stopped completely on the Intempo Benidorm building, there is plenty going on behind the scenes to try and sell it.

Russian, Chinese and South American investors have all been linked to the building.

The main use of the building has always been a mirror effect of the Hilton in Manchester, hotel at the bottom and residential towards the top.

Whatever they decide to do with it, it will have stunning views over Benidorm and Poniente Beach.

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