Looking for Jobs in Benidorm? | NIE Number

Looking for Jobs in Benidorm? | NIE Number

At some point or another most of us want that life in the sun and when looking for jobs in Benidorm it can be very hit and miss.

One thing that stands out about Benidorm is once you go once, you get the bug and it becomes a second home.

So if you are thinking of moving here and are looking for jobs in Benidorm where do you start.

The first thing you will need is your NIE number, which sounds complicated but when I went for my mine it took about 2 hours.

How to Get an NIE Number in Benidorm

A wander to the Benidorm Old Town and I joined the queue outside the police station.

I had my passport and rental agreement for my apartment as ID then when the office inside opened I took a seat and waited for my turn.

When called to the desk I handed over my documents, signed a few forms (even now I don’t what I signed) then was sent down to the bank to pay the fee.

Once I paid the fee I took the receipt back to the police station and waited in a queue again.

Jobs in Benidorm

After I was called back to the desk the officer checked everything was in order and stamped a few things then handed handed me a sheet of paper with my new NIE number.

You will need photos for the process and just across the road there is a camera shop where they will take your picture for a few Euros.

It can be intimidating doing the process in a police station but there is nothing to worry about, unless you are up to know good then there are plenty of cells here if you get caught out.

Finding Jobs in Benidorm

So now you are legal the job hunting starts.

For me I already had my own business and was not seeking employment, just wanted to be legal and be in the system.

Friends here and seeing those just arriving looking for work provided valuable insight when looking for jobs in Benidorm.

I’d say 70% of jobs are found through people you know. If a bar job, chefs job or prop job becomes available chances are it gets filled through word of mouth.

You need to make friends here, build a good set of people around you and get out and about.

The majority of jobs in Benidorm will be in bars, some will place ads in the windows or the boards outside and it is also worth following bars on Facebook as this is where they will post any jobs.

For those seeking work outside the bar and club industry, say builders, mechanics, hairdresser and office jobs, this is pretty difficult.

You will most likely need to learn Spanish for a start, learn new skills to adapt to the Spanish way of doing things and quite possibly be prepared to try new lines of employment.

I would advise to make sure you have accommodation before you make the jump.

Do as much research as you can and remember it’s not a 24/7 holiday, the bills will need to be paid.

Thanks for sharing!

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