Kings Bar Benidorm | Benidorm Old Town

Kings Bar Benidorm | Benidorm Old Town

Kings Bar Benidorm is a fun, friendly and vibrant go to hot spot in the heart of Benidorm Old Town.

If you are looking for somewhere to start, finish or spend the whole night somewhere then Kings Bar is highly recommended.

A good sized bar with plenty of seating, groups very welcome and a fully stocked bar draws in many holidaymakers night after night.

Fun and laughter are part of the service at Kings Bar and the staff are all part of the fun here making your visit one to remember.

Drink prices are what you would expect for the Old Town with branded, local and a great selection of cocktails to get your night underway.

For those that enjoy karaoke in Benidorm, but in a fun way, nothing serious then you will enjoy it here!

Kings Bar Benidorm

A great addition to the bars in Benidorm Old Town and one that will leave you with great memories of your visit!

Kings Bar Opening Hours

Times will vary throughout the year

  • Monday: 20.00pm - 02.00am
  • Tuesday: 20.00pm - 02.00am
  • Wednesday: 20.00pm - 02.00am
  • Thursday: 20.00pm - 02.00am
  • Friday: 20.00pm - 02.00am
  • Saturday: 20.00pm - 02.00am
  • Sunday: 20.00pm - 02.00am

Kings Bar Address

  • Carrer d’Alacant 13
  • Benidorm Old Town
  • Spain

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