The Mandarin Wok Benidorm (Rincon)

The Mandarin Wok Benidorm (Rincon)

They say that every person in the world can sing at least one song perfect, well if the Manderin Wok Benidorm was a song i'd have a hit number one!

I was not going to write about the Mandarin Wok just for the fact I love the place and would all be one sided.

On the other hand it would be wrong not to let those who have not dined here yet be kept in the dark.

Now I know what one person will like another will not and everyone has there own tastes.

But read on and you will see how even I, who from a childhood incident with a spring roll went all my life not eating Chinese or Thai food to seeing how many plate fulls of food I can force down my pie hole in the Mandarin Wok!

I wouldn't say i'm a fussy eater but have always stayed clear from Chinese and Thai food since I was a kid.

Eating at the Mandarin Wok changed that and is now one of my favourite places to eat.

Mandarin Wok Benidorm

Just the range of foods, steaks, joints even sausage and bacon got me trying Chinese food again.

Located on the Rincon, the easiest way to find the Mandarin Wok is to head towards the Benidorm Palace.

But way before that on your right next to the Rock & Roll bar facing the Flamingo Hotel sits the Mandarin.

It caters for everyone, solo travellers, couples, large groups and children are very welcome ( try will love the all you can eat ice cream! )

Food options are the all you can eat buffet, my favourite, they have a set menu for those unlike me who like to gorge on food.

With the traditional side dishes you normally see at an all you can eat buffet they have fish dishes, salads, British and meats which are cooked to your liking on the hot plate by a chef.

They have local beers, wines and spirits as well as branded drinks.

And don't be shy to ask for the bottle of rice drink at the end of your meal!

Although it probably has a name you can help yourself to this complementary schnapps although I think you are not to drink half the bottle which happens a lot with me for some reason.

As I said earlier food will always divide us and I have eaten at most places in Benidorm and the Mandarin Wok Benidorm is not only one of my regular feasting areas but personally recommend it.

With the Mandarin what I like also is you do not feel rushed even when it is busy.

It's great for the kids to try new foods and not worry about a massive bill and a load of waste and a great place to feed up before you hit the town.

Thanks for sharing!

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