Mariano’s Bar Benidorm

Mariano's Bar Benidorm

Mariano's Bar Benidorm: I do like my food I must admit, maybe I should stop dodging salads or try one of those juice plus pro things or whatever they are called.

But I do find it romantic chomping away at a good old fashioned belly busting meal.

Mariano’s in Benidorm fulfills this guilty pleasure of mine.

Located on Calle Gerona where the indoor market is and open 24 hours a day and mainly known for it’s chicken but with both Spanish and British food on the menu i’m sure you will find something to try.

Mariano’s is very popular with the Spanish and will bring the whole family here but don’t let that put you off!

With ample seating inside and take away for those who rather eat in their accommodation.

A full drinks list, soft drinks, warm drinks and alcohol so you can wash your meal down and friendly staff Mariano's does a great job catering for everyone

Mariano’s does the traditional full English breakfast, pizzas, kebabs and a huge menu for those wanting a proper sit down meal.

Mariano's Bar Benidorm

But I can’t deny I only really ever have the chicken, and a full one which i race home with and a side order of garlic butter and french bread stick so I can gorge in private.

When you go in Mariano's Bar Benidorm you will see racks of chicken being cooked which is great as you know it’s all fresh.

Also it is a place many restaurants, bars and hotels use for their fresh chicken so that kind of sets the standard on the quality side.

I would like to talk more about the Spanish dishes but the closest I have got was a biscuit with my coffee when I was waiting for a pizza one evening.

And I must admit It was good, not the biscuit the pizza!

I was undecided so told them to throw anything on it apart from peppers, pineapple or anything else that might make me healthy and was one of those times when you finish eating you want it again.

If you decide to eat at Mariano’s Bar Benidorm i’m sure you will enjoy it.

I know everyone has different tastes and where one person will love the food someone else won’t but it’s all about trying new things and new places but most of all enjoying your time in Benidorm.

( Disclaimer - I have not been paid or received any form of payment and no chicken has exchanged hands for writing this, I just like the food at Mariano’s )

Thanks for sharing!

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