Marisqueria Cordoba Benidorm Old Town

Marisqueria Cordoba Benidorm Old Town

Do you ever get that feeling after you have eaten something and could just eat it again?

The Marisqueria Cordoba Benidorm is definitely one of those places.

I have walked past this place in the heart of the Old Town for over 8-9 years but just never stopped to eat here.

I think if i'm being honest it was always full and looked busy but I took the plunge and kick myself for not getting around to it earlier.

The Marisqueria Cordoba Benidorm is pretty easy to find in the Old Town.

If like me you enjoy having a wander around you have probably walked past it a million times.

As you walk from the port/harbour area back through the Old Town you will see it on your right where the pharmacy is. It does get busy but that is only a good sign.

Marisqueria Cordoba Benidorm

The Cordoba is quite easily the nicest seafood restaurant in Benidorm Old Town.

Don't worry if you are not a fan of seafood they have a menu that has a ton of other meals on from steaks to paella.

Sometimes it's hard to write about food and to put it plainly on how good it is.

I have eaten at most places in Benidorm, cooked for friends myself and had friends cook for me.

Not just British but Spanish, Dutch and Romanian but eating at the Marisqueria Cordoba Benidorm will take some beating.

I must add that if you are going for a meal it is not a cheap eat but you you do get massive portions.

One waiter, Gustavo, is always on hand for a chat and makes time for you and the quality of the food is second to none.

If you are in the Old Town and fancy a coffee break and paella, a T-Bone steak and sangria or some traditional Spanish prepared seafood for a special occasion the Marisqueria Cordoba is a great place to choose.

I don't often put my neck on the line when it comes to food as we all have different tastes but all I can say is give the Cordoba a shot and hopefully become a regular place to dine when visiting Benidorm.

Thanks for sharing!

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