Morgan Tavern Benidorm | Live Acts Every Night!

Morgan Tavern Benidorm | Live Acts Every Night!

Morgan Tavern Benidorm is probably one bar we all know, most of us have had many a good night here and for those who have not it is worth checking out.

I must admit it did take me about 4 years before I got round to having a night in Morgans and was just on the off chance with friends but i'm glad I went and do call in quite regularly to catch one of the many live tribute acts.

Located at the start of the strip at the Sol Pelicanos end it is also the home for the bar scenes in the TV series Benidorm AKA Netunes Bar.

There is a huge range of music to enjoy at Morgans Tavern Benidorm which is one of the reasons it is always busy.

I do suggest that if you are going to see a certain act try and get in a bit early so you can grab some decent seats!

You will find acts like Rod Stewart, Overtones, Sister Act, Gary Barlow and a hot favourite at the moment is Queen.

Morgan Tavern Benidorm

Morgans is a great place to start or end a night and opens around 8pm till 2pm.

The drink prices are a little bit dearer than most places but to be honest with free admission, quality acts, friendly staff and a lot of time and effort put into the production of the shows you can see where the extra 50 cents a drink goes!

The acts scheduled can be found out on the boards in front of Morgans Tavern Benidorm.

We do get asked who and what time certain acts are on but it is impossible to keep track and they can change within an hour of performing.

If you are looking to see your favourite act my advice would be find their Facebook page and you can see when they are on at the Tavern then just double check when you are in the resort.

There is a grey area as to if children are allowed in or not.

There is a sign outside stating no children but on occasions they are welcome till 10pm, please double check this when you are in the resort with Morgans.

They are not doing this to be mean as they have some acts that are not suitable for children and is also a licensed premises and have to work withing the law!

Thanks for sharing!

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