Nosh Restaurant Benidorm | Old Town

Nosh Restaurant Benidorm | Old Town

For those who have had the opportunity to dine at the Nosh Restaurant Benidorm it counts as one of the finest dining experiences of their lives.

For many locals and a huge number of tourists, Nosh is where they've had their finest meals in Benidorm.

Nosh is located in the Old Town part of Benidorm, off the main pedestrian path.

Nosh Restaurant Benidorm is a modern and intimate place.

The restaurant is popular and you must book tables before entering through the doors of the establishment.

Nosh is a popular venue for group outings and celebrations.

The staff knows about the dishes and the provenance of the ingredients.

Eating here is a treat for all senses, not just your palate. In fact, some would equate it to a truly royal experience.

Nosh Restaurant Benidorm

The menu at Nosh Restaurant Benidorm is mouthwatering, and for added excellence the specials menu is sublime.

Mackerel pate, sea bream and lamb, lime and courgette soup, duck and satay pork medallions are just a few of the dishes.

Also not only made on site, sourced locally, presented like art but the tastes and flavours are nothing short of a miracle.

I love food and consider myself to be a gourmet. I can safely say that dining at Nosh satisfies on all levels.

Don't believe me? Check out the ratings and reviews on sites like Tripadvisor. You'll understand what I am trying to say.

If you appreciate fine dining, then you'll get your money's worth at Nosh in Benidorm.

Even if you're a gourmand who would rather spend on an all-you-can-eat buffet and relish the dessert at the end, you may still want to experience what Nosh has to offer.

The elegant dressing may not be what you'd pack for a Benidorm holiday, but for Nosh you don't need a suit and tie and you won't regret it.

People come here for the food, the classy vibes and gourmet dish names are just sideshows to what is on offer.

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