Parc de L’ Aiguera Benidorm Old Town

Parc de L' Aiguera Benidorm Old Town

When we think of a holiday to Benidorm we don't normally associate it with tranquillity, parks, solace and quietness.

But a visit to the Parc de L' Aiguera Benidorm located in the Old Town will open those doors for you.

The park itself is pretty big stretching from the town hall to the bull ring.

Also it is a great place to visit, be it with family and the children or friends for a bit of sightseeing or just to go and clear your mind after a heavy night on the square.

For those that have never ventured to the Parc de L' Aiguera Benidorm and are looking to add it to your list of things to do it can be a bit awkward to locate for the first time.

Easiest way is via google maps as explaining directions around the maze streets of the Old Town would take forever.

The park itself is suitable for all ages, with it being very flat it's ideal for those who require scooters.

Parc de L' Aiguera Benidorm

There is a children's play along the way and toilets so you can make an afternoon of it here with a picnic.

Although a relaxing place to visit the Parc de L' Aiguera Benidorm is also host to many live shows and performances.

It is a focal point for the more traditional Spanish shows and makes for a great evening if you happen to be in the area.

The area located at the town hall part will have markets and mini fairs held throughout the year.

An ice rink over the Xmas period which is great to take the kids for an early Xmas treat whilst on holiday in Benidorm.

There are plenty of things to see and do in Benidorm and most holidaymakers to the resort are regulars coming many times a year and with a vibrant night life and so much to do in the New Town the Parc de L' Aiguera Benidorm does get over looked sometimes.

If you are looking for something away from the hustle and bustle of Benidorm for a few hours the park is a great little getaway and must be seen to be appreciated!

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