Placa del Castell Benidorm Old Town

Placa del Castell Benidorm Old Town

One of the most stunning parts you can come across is the Placa del Castell Benidorm.

When those who have never visited the resort think of Benidorm it’s place like the Placa del Castell in the Old Town that make Benidorm special.

Located on the large rock between Poniente and Levante Beaches, you get magical views over Benidorm.

Set high up over the resort you really do get to see just how big Benidorm is.

As featured on the TV series ‘Benidorm’, the Placa del Castell has that sense of romance about it.

With seating areas around the plaza area it’s also a great place to just come up here and relax.

There are a number of restaurants at the Placa del Castell which serve both Spanish and British food.

An ideal spot to have a drink or two after the journey here.

Placa del Castell Benidorm

Cannons are also on display at the Castell which given the height up from the sea, you can see that they would of been very effective pushing back attacking armies in the years past.

For more beautiful views from the Placa del Castell you can also take a walk down to the Balcon del Mediterraneo.

Down a flight of stairs you walk on this platform over the Mediterranean Sea and can practically feel the waves crash onto the rocks below.

From time to time you will also see pop up markets located here.

A mix of crafts and traditional gifts can be purchased from the stalls.

Also artists that do drawings of you, some very comical ones!

Whilst up at the Castell you can also visit the San Jamie Church which is located on the way up here.

There are so many things to see and do in Benidorm, a visit to the Placa del Castell is without doubt, a must!

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