Poniente Beach Benidorm (West Beach)

Poniente Beach Benidorm (West Beach)

Poniente Beach Benidorm is the biggest of all the beaches in Benidorm.

It is favoured more by the Spanish holidaymakers as with its bigger size is a lot quieter.

Stretching over 3100 meters, Poniente Beach is a long strip of Golden sand reaching into the Mediterranean Sea.

The promenade was rebuilt by Carlos Ferrater and Xavier Marti Gali in 2006 and complements Poniente Beach bringing them together making the beach a regular award winner.

Along Poniente Beach Benidorm it is dotted with palm trees and with so much space you could set up here and have you own piece of paradise.

At the side of the walkways leading onto Poniente Beach you have foot washers which is a nice touch leaving the sand behind.

When visiting Poniente beach you may be lucky enough to see the Benidorm Choir or the large groups of aerobics that are practised on the beach.

This just adds to the pleasure that Poniente Beach adds to a visit here.

Poniente Beach Benidorm

There are plenty of shop and bars along the promenade for refreshments and bins lined along the beach for any litter.

At the end of the day you can see the local council cleaning the beach which is quite a remarkable site.

Poniente Beach also links up to the main Port where you can watch the boats coming and going.

If you fancy a bit of shade or a break from the sun, Dove Park is just at the entrance near the entrance to the Benidorm Old Town.

Sun loungers and parasols can be rented on Poniente Beach. They cost around 5-6 Euros for a days hire.

For those having a dip in the sea, lifeguards patrol here so you have that added comfort just in case you need any assistance.

Although you cannot go on the beach in the evenings, a stroll down the promenade is definitely a must.

Where as Levante Beach is very vibrant with the beach bars, Poniente is a lot quieter and relaxing.

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