Restaurant India Gate Benidorm

Restaurant India Gate Benidorm

The Restaurant India Gate Benidorm is without doubt one of the best Indian restaurants in Benidorm.

That’s not saying all the rest are not good, they all have there good points but the India Gate Benidorm must be tried so you can see why it’s so popular.

For those that have never visited the India Gate, as you walk down the Benidorm Strip towards the Benidorm Old Town.

Keep going across the main road and you will see a street of bars and cafes and here you will find the India Gate Restaurant.

One of the best things about the Restaurant India Gate Benidorm is the outside eating area.

Benidorm is hot most of the year and eating a curry in the high season can be a challenge.

Restaurant India Gate Benidorm

The outside dining option is a breath of fresh air when tucking into that chicken madras.

The India Gate has everything on the menu you would find back home.

It’s also the only Indian restaurant owned by an Indian in Benidorm so you know you are getting authentic dishes.

Meal deals are available at the Restaurant India Gate Benidorm and large parties are catered for.

Take away's are also available here and a good place to stop on the way home from a night out in Benidorm.

Opening time is normally around 18.30pm and you do not need to book.

In the high season though if you are visiting in a large group it is worth pre booking a table so the waiters can set your table up prior to arrival.

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