The Rock & Roll House Benidorm (Rincon)

The Rock & Roll House Benidorm (Rincon)

One of the most popular bars in the Rincon is the Rock & Roll House Benidorm.

A firm favourite for many of us with a great atmosphere and some of the best live performers in Benidorm.

Night after night the Rock & Roll Bar brings you an evening of talent which will get you up on the dance floor.

Top performers such as Dean Ryan, Diego Cabeytu and Cameron James are just a few of the names worth mentioning who get the place rocking every night.

The open space inside the Rock n Roll House gives it that club feeling with American rock memorabilia lining the walls.

Outside is a small, but well needed terrace for when it gets too warm and you need to cool down from all the rockin and rollin!

Rock & Roll House Benidorm

Not only known for its great nightly entertainment, the Rock n Roll House is also host to the Benidorm Elvis Festival.

Year after year the festival gets bigger and better and if you are a fan of the music at the Rock n Roll House then this is a festival that you will enjoy.

Bar prices at the Rock n Roll House not your 1 Euro a pint job.

The entertainment here does warrant the slightly higher prices you may be used to paying in the fun pubs.

There is no entry fee and the quality of the performers, the staff and the bar itself you really won’t mind paying that little extra.

Although not directly in the main nightlife hub of Benidorm, the Rincon does have some fantastic bars and restaurants and is well worth popping up this way for an evening.

The Rock & Roll House Benidorm Opening Times

  • Monday: 18.00pm - 04.00am
  • Tuesday: 18.00pm - 04.00am
  • Wednesday: 18.00pm - 04.00am
  • Thursday: 18.00pm - 04.00am
  • Friday: 18.00pm - 04.00am
  • Saturday: 18.00pm - 04.00am
  • Sunday: 18.00pm - 04.00am

The Rock & Roll House Benidorm Address

  • Av Doctor Severo no6
  • Benidorm
  • Spain

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