Sinatras Bar Benidorm (Benidorm Square)

Sinatras Bar Benidorm (Benidorm Square)

One of the best things about Sinatras Bar Benidorm is that although on the top of the Benidorm Square, it’s just far out enough away from all the hustle and bustle.

One of Benidorm’s best cabaret bars which has a full schedule of entertainment.

The Benidorm Square can be a bit overwhelming at times and if you want to be close to the nightlife but avoid the shenanigans then Sinatras Bar is a great option.

Just across the road from Cafe Benidorm, Sinatras Bar has a lineup of artists that rival any in Benidorm.

Rod Stewart, Amy Winehouse, Cher are just a few of the big names performing at Sinatras Bar.

Along with being a great venue inside with plenty of seating and dance space, outside is equally as good.

Sinatras Bar Benidorm

The open plan is perfect for those warm evenings and with an extra bar area ideal to get drinks quick.

Drink prices at Sinatras Bar are some of the best in the square area.

Nightly deals, 2 for 1’s and what seems like a whole night of happy hour.

Sinatras Bar is a good place for those visiting as a couple and want a venue that is relaxed and not as hyper as the those on the main square.

Opening Hours of Sinatras Bar Benidorm

  • Monday: 19.30pm - 05.00am
  • Tuesday: 19.30pm - 05.00am
  • Wednesday: 19.30pm - 05.00am
  • Thursday: 19.30pm - 05.00am
  • Friday: 19.30pm - 05.00am
  • Saturday: 19.30pm - 05.00am
  • Sunday: 19.30pm - 05.00am

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