The Zodiac Benidorm | Live Cabaret & More!

The Zodiac Benidorm | Live Cabaret & More!

The Zodiac Benidorm is one of the most well known bars located on the main strip in the resort.

With late night cabaret, comedy, hypnotists and ‘adult’ shows it appeals to many looking for the legendary Benidorm night scene.

A full schedule of acts ranging from gasping Blue comedy, some of Benidorms’ most well known bands and fun with hypnotists makes this a very busy bar.

If you are planning a whole evening here it is advised getting in early to secure seats, avoid the front row if you don’t want to be pulled in to the acts!

Groups are welcome at the Zodiac Bar but must be on their best behaviour, especially when the acts on so everyone can enjoy the show.

Drink prices are what you would expect to pay at a bar with live entertainment and they do drink deals with offers throughout the week.

Some acts may not be suitable for everyone, the comedy is what you would expect from a Chubby Brown show, Blue and risky with the adult show, well, each to their own I suppose!

The Zodiac Benidorm

Overall a night packed with a range of various acts and a good place to get a taste of what Benidorm can offer.

Zodiac Opening Hours

Times and days vary throughout the year

  • Monday: 20.00pm - 03.00am
  • Tuesday: 20.00pm - 03.00am
  • Wednesday: 20.00pm - 03.00am
  • Thursday: 20.00pm - 03.00am
  • Friday: 20.00pm - 03.00am
  • Saturday: 20.00pm - 03.00am
  • Sunday: 20.00pm - 03.00am

Zodiac Bar Address

  • Calle Gerona 23
  • 03503 Benidorm
  • Spain

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