Best Things for Kids to Do in Benidorm

Best Things for Kids to Do in Benidorm

Best things for kids to do in Benidorm: Benidorm is a great all year round resort and attracts holidaymakers of all ages.

Travelling with children can be challenging at times being in a new place with the heat but Benidorm has so much to offer.

Benidorm is a place where not only the adults but the kids themselves will meet new friends at the hotel and on the beach but it is nice to do things as a family.

Some of the questions I get a lot about things for kids to do in Benidorm is about evening entertainment.

What places are child friendly through the day so I have got a list together and hopefully at least give you some ideas and point you in the right direction.

Child Friendly Bars & Restaurants

You will find that most bars in Benidorm are child friendly throughout the day and we recommend the Queen Vic for those located on the strip.

Things for Kids to Do in Benidorm

The Wooky Hollow 2 and Corky's Penny Farthing for those located around the Centre.

The Plaza, Triangle, Union Jack and the Yorkshire Pride for those in the Rincon.

For the Old Town you will find almost everywhere caters for children but choice of food is mainly of Spanish cuisine.

Day Time Activities For The Kids

There is a ton of things for kids to do in Benidorm, we have 2 Zoo's, a circus ( no animals, just fun, magic and stunts ) a water park and the amazing Terra Mitica theme park.

Along the main road in Benidorm you will find crazy golf, a bowling alley with amusement arcade and a mini fair.

You have the 3 beaches to explore and and daily trips to Peacock Island for those who like a boat ride, submarine ride and a bit of adventure on this big rock sat in the sea.

The Evening Time With Children

The hotels do offer some great entertainment in the evenings but if you have been there all day you may want a change and have a wander around.

In the evening with regards to children in bars most of the time this is up to the managers discretion.

They take in factors like have they large groups in the premises, is the entertainment suitable for younger ears to listen to and also the license they have.

We recommend that if you are looking for tribute acts, karaoke and child friendly then Idols bar is a good choice.

Although open till 5am, the cut off time for children is midnight.

Idols is situated on the side street between the Stardust and the Clay Oven.

Also child friendly bars for the evening worth checking out are The White Horse with live entertainment.

Tropical Bar has some awesome tribute acts, The Plaza and the Marina/White Star.

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