Things to Do in Benidorm Old Town

Things to Do in Benidorm Old Town

There are so many things to do in Benidorm Old Town and is a part of the resort that must be visited.

When people think of Benidorm they think of the bright lights, vibrant nightlife and daytime cabaret, but Benidorm is a very big place.

One of the highlights when looking for things to do in Benidorm Old Town, especially if you stay in the New Town, is that complete change of surroundings.

Gone are the door to door of fun pubs, say hello to authentic Spain!

Things to See in Benidorm Old Town

Fiestas: Benidorm Old Town has a calendar full of fiestas.

The Three Kings Parade, Moors & Christians fiesta, Benidorm Carnival and Benidorm Pride are just a few of the big events.

Things to Do in Benidorm Old Town

Poniente Beach: Poniente Beach is the biggest of all the beaches in Benidorm.

It is favoured more by the Spanish holidaymakers as with its bigger size is a lot quieter.

Benidorm Harbour: Benidorm Harbour is set in an idyllic setting located in the Benidorm Old Town.

Nestled between the Playa Mal Pas Beach and Poniente Beach. It boasts stunning views and is a great place to visit.

Balcon del Mediterraneo: The Balcon del Mediterraneo, quite possibly one of the best places for views across Benidorm.

Just set on a rock formation this is a little spot of tranquility in the Old Town.

Playa Mal Pas Beach: One of the hidden gems in the resort is the Playa Mal Pas Beach.

Located in a small cove in between Levante Beach and Poniente Beach, Mal Pas Beach is a great way to spend a day in the Old Town.

Church of San Jaime: The Church of San Jaime in the Old Town is always a hub of activity.

Since the church was built way back in the 1700’s it has been a focal point in Benidorm Old Town.

When looking for things to do in Benidorm Old Town it’s well worth adding a visit here to the list.

Placa del Castell: One of the most stunning parts you can come across is the Placa del Castell.

No trip to Benidorm is complete without visiting the Placa del Castell.

Dove Park: Benidorm has many places of beauty, one of them is Dove Park.

Also known as Parque de Elche, it’s an ideal place for families and couples to enjoy the everyday life of what the Old Town has to offer.

Play areas, views and a fountain make it popular for many visiting the Old Town.

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