Uncle Peds Benidorm

Uncle Peds Benidorm

Benidorm has its share of iconic cafes and watering holes.

Uncle Peds Benidorm ranks up there with the best of them.

You'll find it just round the corner from Morgan Tavern facing the Riviera Hotel.

Uncle Peds is where you'd head for a quick beer or two with mates, have a toasted sandwich, a smashingly good coffee, or just nibble at things from the menu to replenish your energy before you and the kids step out again to make the most of your Benidorm holiday.

Uncle Peds has a sun terrace too, if you're feeling too bushed to walk to the beach, sit there and work on your tan or strike up friendships while taking in the view.

The drinks here are affordable - beer, wine, tea...take your pick. There's choice and it is not expensive. It's an ideal place for the entire family.

Uncle Peds Benidorm

After 7pm, the prices go up. You get classic pub food here. If you feel like eating something more substantial, you have a lot of choice within easy walking distance from this iconic bar.

Uncle Peds Benidorm has a games/play area at the backside where children can have fun while you chill and give your feet some rest.

As with any English pub worth its pint and lager, Uncle Peds shows live sports and also runs a betting terminal where you can try your luck.

In the evenings there is live entertainment and the schedule will be on the boards outside.

The bar is a good size indoors and plenty of room for large groups and those looking for a dance.

For those looking for a place to come and relax, catch the sun and have a few drinks without breaking the bank Uncle Peds Bendiorm is an ideal bar.

The bar is not as noisy as those on the main strip and if you wish to settle down and take things easy, then come here.

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2 thoughts on “Uncle Peds Benidorm

  • August 19, 2019 at 23:22

    Got ripped of in Uncle Peds yesterday.
    2 pints of fosters.
    2 gin and tonic
    2 Rum and coke
    2 Guinness and was charged €11-50′
    I’m going back tomorrow to get ripped off again,and the next day ,and the next .GREAT PLACE GREAT FRIENDLY STAFF.

  • September 6, 2019 at 12:16

    days and times that dalton and pablo are on in uncle peds please


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