The Western Saloon Benidorm

The Western Saloon Benidorm

A great bar to visit when in the resort is the Western Saloon Benidorm, very popular and one of Benidorms most recognised pubs.

Located at the start of the strip in front of the Ambassador Hotel and across from the Talk of the Coast.

It's a perfect place to a bite to eat, spend an afternoon with the live music or make it a starting point for the night ahead.

The Western Saloon Benidorm is one of those places you could spend all day in.

With a bit of a sun terrace just to the side it's ideal for grabbing a breakfast before the day gets going.

The bar itself is kept very clean with staff who take pride in what they do. The bar has that western theme to it with decor to match.

It is quite a big place but does fill up through the summer months and at the fiestas people fill out on to the streets.

Western Saloon Benidorm

Live music at the Western Saloon Benidorm normally starts around 3pm and if you have not had an afternoon here I can't recommend it enough.

Acts like Pablo Bloom play here and if you like live music then Pablo is probably one of the best in Benidorm.

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